Monday, December 15, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

Shelbi has been wanting to decorate the tree for Christmas forever, so finally here she is helping me decorate. She had a pretty good time.

Cannon can take or leave the thing. He will look at it it and say "WOW" and be on his merry way.

About the only way we could get Cannon to sit still long enough for a picture was sit him on something. I really have to be quit on the draw with the camera or I'm not gonna get the shot.

pretty quick on this picture.

Just can't say the same for this one. Shelbi is doing a wonderful job. Cannon is a busy little guy. We just got to work on our trigger fingers. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Evening

Family Pics

On the way home after lunch

We barely got out of the drive way, I turn around and see this.

Thanksgiving Day

A little family photo on the 4 wheeler.

Nanny and Shelbi

Family pics

Thanksgiving Day

Pawpaw and Cannon at Daddy Joe's House

Me and Shelbi

Cannon, Erin and Evan

Poor thing, we put him to work first thing ;)

Jason and Cannon on the 4wheeler. We couldn't get Cannon of the thing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

My big man

My big man, he is the sweetest thing.

He likes his letters.

He has the sweetest smile and loves to laugh. He's a giggler.

Fun in the sun

My poor Caesar is allergic to almost everything so we decided that a little fresh air would do him some good. So as you can see he's enjoying the fresh air a lot.

Good morning sunshine

Shelbi just loves it when she's home from school and likes to get in Cannon's bed when he wakes up. They always have the best time in such a small place. Those crazy kids!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

EEG Results

Just a quick update. We received a call from our pediatric nurse and Cannon's EEG was good. Everything is normal and he's doing just fine.
Thank you Lord!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cannon's EEG

Cannon had what the Dr's think was a febrile seizure Oct 23rd. So his Dr made an appointment to have an EEG and since I can't explain exactly what that looks like I took these pics. Cannon did a good job. He was not happy about someone he doesn't know touching his head and wrapping him up like a burrito. He did better one we got his passy out.

The nurse said he needed to be awake and then go to sleep for them to run the test properly. Luckily it was his nap time so she turned out all the lights and turned some lullaby music on and a loud fan. ( he's used to that) he finally went to sleep and was sleeping really well. About 2o minutes into his nap the nurse says " okay we're done, go ahead and start waking him up I need his eye to be open and him be awake." He wasn't happy about that either. The nurse finally took off all the little wires on his head. (he did enjoy that) She used a warm wash cloth with baby shampoo on it and massaged his head. We didn't hear a peep out of him during that part. :) Finally it was all over and we got to go eat lunch. He was fine from there on out. The nurse told us that if he was in any danger that she wouldn't let us leave and we would have had to see a Dr. So now we wait to hear from Cannon's Dr with the results. I'm very optimistic about the results and figure we probably won't have anymore problems. We'll keep you posted.

Halloween at Uncle Evan's & Aunt Erin's

Shelbi and Cannon got to trick or treat in Evan and Erin's neighborhood. So nice, they have side walks. I miss those:)

Nanny and all the grandchildren.

Shelbi wanted us all to dress up. Dad was a hunter, I'm the Dr., Cannon was a lion. He roared everytime the people would open up the door to hand out the candy. So funny! Shelbi was Jasmine from Aladin. So beautiful. She had more fun answering Uncle Evan's front door with Aunt Erin. She liked to see what the other kids were dressed in.

While we were there we got to go to the Razorback game. Great game! Woo pig sooie!
We went shopping with Uncle Evan and Aunt Erin at the Promanade. Very nice place to shop. Shelbi didn't want to leave.

On the way to Fayettville

Shelbi always remembers the tunnel and looks for it on the way.

They are like their mom when it comes to riding in a car. Out like a light. Cannon was on the way.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cannon's 1 year pictures

We finally got Cannon's 1 year pictures taken. If my head weren't attached I'd be in trouble. We're so busy I just kept forgetting. Cannon's doing good and learning fast.
He was eating lunch the other day and finally got finished. I said "All done!" and like a little parrot he followed up with " AAAADAAAA" In baby that mean All done. He's such a big boy.

We had a little scare yesterday, Cannon had a febrile seizure during his nap. We took him to the Dr. shortly after and he sent us to the ER here in town. They ran some tests and per Dr's orders we went by ambulance to Children's ER in Little Rock. Cannon was taking an extra long time to come out of it and that's what worried the Dr. When we arrived at Children's Cannon finally started coming around and perking up little by little but by that time he'd already had a long day so he took himself a little nap and finally it was OK to go home. The final diagnosis: Febrile illness/ febrile seizure. The Dr's office will be making an apt for Cannon to have an EEG at Children's soon so keep us in your prayers. I know my God is an awesome God and Cannon is His. I will do my best to lay Cannon at His feet. I know the Lord is in control and everything will be okay. Cannon's acting more like himself today. I'm just gonna keep my chin up. Thank you Lord!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


My big hunter man got himself a deer. 8 point buck.
Praise the Lord! My prayers have been answered!