Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Big Day

Shelbi went to the dentist for the first time ever today. She was a little nervous at first but as you can see she had her "Bears" with her. We read a book in the waiting room about a visit to the dentist and we practiced opening her mouth really big.

Ms Karen told Shelbi she was gonna set the seat back and when she turned around Shelbi was ready with her mouth wide open. Ms Karen told her what a good job she was doing opening really big. I let her know she practiced in the waiting room.

Dr Porter did some cleaning on her teeth.

He said she had great teeth and a great smile. He's so good with kids!
Shelbi did soooo good at the dentist that she got to pick where she wanted to eat supper. So she picked only the best place to go eat. Chick-fil-a!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Future Doctor?

Nanny has a Doctors kit at her house and Cannon and Shelbi really like playing Dr. I guess Nanny was the patient on this visit.

Out to Eat

Shelbi just loves to go out to eat. We decided to go to Chilli's. Well if you've been there you know they have ribs as a choice on the kids menu. Well Shelbi picks the ribs everytime, and this girl can clean a rib! Is this a country girl or what?

Waiting in traffic

Jason, Cannon, Shelbi and I are on our way to a Dr appointment and we're getting off the bypass. Well it's apparent there has been a wreck up ahead because traffic is stopped. While sitting there we hear this squeaky noise. We turn around and see this. This is how Cannon waits in traffic. What a mess!

Trip to Little Rock

While we were in Little Rock the other day I had this great idea to stop by Toys-R-Us. Jason and I have been talking about getting a new swing set for the kids. So while in the store there is one we agreed on. So we said "load it in the car" Well what can I say. The picture was a lot smaller in the store. I was so embarrassed as the guys were loading this into my car. My mom said if we'd thrown a rocking chair on top we would have looked like the Clampets.