Monday, August 24, 2009

Count Down to Kindergarten

I got this idea from Tricia. Thanks girl!
Shelbi asks all the time when she will be going somewhere, so I knew she would love being able to see for herself when the first day of Kindergarten starts. She loved cutting the paper and coloring the letters! She's so ready to start Kindergarten!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Trip to Branson

Shelbi was sooo excited to ride go carts!

Somehow Aunt Erin, got tricked, oh I mean decided to ride the tea cups with Cannon ;)

Cannon wanted to get in, but as soon as he did he said, "OUT!"

All the spectators :)

Cannon loved driving the "BIG Tuck"

Sleepy boy

At McDonald's having breakfast on the last day of our vacation.

While we were there Shelbi spotted this trampoline thing and begged Papaw to let her go on it. Well as you can see she got her wish. She did a flip on the first couple of jumps!

She did such a good job! We were all sooo proud of her!

Cool but Cute

Cannon had to wear Shelbi's hat. :)