Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She Turned the Big "5"

Here she is, my big 5 year old. She had a great little party this evening. She picked what she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner. Of course she changed her mind a few times but a girl can do that you know. Shelbi got to where this birthday crown at school all day and a sticker on her shirt that said Birthday Girl!

She got this Pucchi Pet from her friend at school who won't be able to come to the "big" birthday party, so she opened it tonight. She loved it. Me too that's my kind of pet for a 5 year old.

Since Shelbi had her birthday party at Rod's they gave her a red Rod's Pizza Cellar t-shirt. How cool was that!

Cannon liked the pizza but he LOVED the cake. It was some guuuuud cake!

We went to Rod's Pizza Cellar for the birthday party and a Godfather pizza. Y-U-M-M-Y!
Happy Birthday Shelbi, we love you and thank the Lord for such a sweet and precious daughter!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Sunday

Not sure what that look was all about.

They looked so sweet in their new Easter outfits.

We had a wonderful Easter. The church service was awesome. We went to Mom and Dads for lunch. Uncle Joe and Aunt Candy ate lunch with us. We had a good visit and some good desert. Unfortunately it rained most of the day so Shelbi hunted Easter eggs inside at Nanny and Pawpaw's house. Aunt Candy hid eggs for Shelbi and the Shelbi hid eggs for Aunt Candy. They had a great time. Luckily Cannon had already hunted eggs the day before because while all the egg hiding was going on at Nanny's, Jason, Cannon and I went home and took naps. All in all it was a great day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cannon finally got to really get up close to the "real" Easter eggs while Daddy was with him.

Oops! Cannon dropped an egg. Oh dear, there's a crack in the egg now, what will we do...

Cannon was very interested and worried all at the same time. Uh-Oh, is what he kept saying.

As you can see Cannon is very worried about that egg. He's so silly.

The Eater Bunny Came

Shelbi and her Easter basket and new dress, so pretty!

The Easter Baskets. I think the Easter Bunny did a fabulous job if I do say so myself. ;D

Em's Birthday Party on the Farm


Cannon has figured out how to open doors. So here he doesn't want to go into the house to stay he just wants to open the door, go in and turn around and shut the door. It doesn't take much to make this kid happy. :)

It's now time for the "ball" Easter egg hunt.

Cannon would say "ball" and we would say "egg" until we thought he knew the difference. He found and egg here.

He found an egg here.

Now this confused the poor boy. He's been looking for eggs this whole time and here he finds a golf ball. Oh well, he'll get it all figured out one day. :o)

The New Car

Nanny and Pawpaw found this little car for Cannon and he just loves it. He really loves to push

climb in on the wrong side and mess with all the things on it that open and shut.

But just like any man, he really likes to take it for a spin around the drive way and patio!

Peeling an Egg

Shelbi decided she wanted to eat one of the eggs she colored. She picked one that had already cracked. She's a very serious peeler.

Cannon on the other hand thought these eggs were "balls" and he wanted to throw them and squeeze them. Pawpaw had to show him how to treat an egg.

He did a good job not squeezing them after that. But he did get ahold of one later and smacked it on the ground. :) Maybe next year he can help dye Easter eggs.

Dying Easter Eggs at Nanny's

Shelbi had a big time dying Easter eggs at Nanny's house.

I colored an egg and put Cannon's name on it. That would be the green one. Shelbi's name is on the blue one.

Shelbi did such a good job, dying and putting stickers and using the white crayon. Daddy picked out one dye kit and it was to make camo eggs. That's a first. Nanny picked out another one that had stickers with Easter lillies and crosses and letters to spell out Jesus is alive, and He is risen. I wish we would celebrate Easter more often!
Thank you God for sending your son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Thank you for raising him from the grave! Thank you that He sits on your right hand and that if we, Believe, Accept and Confess that Jesus is Lord, we will see you in heaven one day. Thank you Lord!

Our Project

Alright, I guess you remember the pictures of my loaded down car, with the boxes from ToysRUs. Well here is what has come of that mess.

I'll take more pictures when it's all finished.