Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She Turned the Big "5"

Here she is, my big 5 year old. She had a great little party this evening. She picked what she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner. Of course she changed her mind a few times but a girl can do that you know. Shelbi got to where this birthday crown at school all day and a sticker on her shirt that said Birthday Girl!

She got this Pucchi Pet from her friend at school who won't be able to come to the "big" birthday party, so she opened it tonight. She loved it. Me too that's my kind of pet for a 5 year old.

Since Shelbi had her birthday party at Rod's they gave her a red Rod's Pizza Cellar t-shirt. How cool was that!

Cannon liked the pizza but he LOVED the cake. It was some guuuuud cake!

We went to Rod's Pizza Cellar for the birthday party and a Godfather pizza. Y-U-M-M-Y!
Happy Birthday Shelbi, we love you and thank the Lord for such a sweet and precious daughter!