Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We took advantage of the warm weather today.

Cannon LOVES swinging in the swing!

I'm not sure why he likes brooms and rakes so much, but he does.

Here's Cannon driving the 4wheeler

He didn't want to get off of it. Silly boy!

The Vincent's WWF

Fun Times

Cannon loving on Daddy

Having some fun in the hallway

I have proof they can play good together

A Good Hygiene Moment

Cannon has been watching Shelbi brush her teeth and wanting her toothbrush. So we got him one and he runs to the bathroom door and says "tee" I'm pretty sure that means teeth.

It just so happens here he's practicing with a spoon.

Hairstyles by Shelbi

Hairstyles by Shelbi

I absolutely love for someone to play with my hair. If I ever win the lottery I'm gonna pay somebody to sit behind me while I'm watching TV and brush my hair. Yeah right, like that'll happen ;)

I was almost asleep and Jason took this picture. Shelbi will mess with my hair especially if she thinks she gets to stay up longer.

Aren't I just precious!

Heaven, I'm in heaven....

Family Stuff

Some of my favorite people

Shelbi is gonna be a good mommy. She told me she needed to change her babies diaper and needed a place to do it.

Well I guess she found a place. :)

My baby can do a puzzle. She has put this Hanna Montana puzzle together all by herself. It a pretty big puzzle too.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Evening

Cannon really enjoyed looking at the tree.

We didn't know Hanna Montana would be putting on a private concert in our very own living room!

Cannon enjoyed looking at the book he got for Christmas with Aunt Erin and Uncle Evan.

We even got a visit from Chris. He was in town all the way from the Carolina's.

Christmas Lunch

Here is cousin Gucci styling his bomber jacket that Santa brought him.

We had a fantastic lunch Christmas day at Nana and Pawpaw's. We had Cornish Game Hens, corn, salad, croissants, fruit salad and lots of desserts!

We really enjoyed spending time with Uncle Evan and Aunt Erin! I think they cleaned there plates too.

Somehow Shelbi found the wish bone in one of those little hens.

Daddy and Shelbi broke the wish bone and Shelbi won!

Our Christmas Day

We had such a wonderful Christmas.

Cannon loved playing with his toys and ripping the paper.

Uncle Evan and Aunt Erin didn't have a problem ripping the paper either.

Shelbi said this was,"The best Christmas ever!" She was all about Hanna Montana!