Friday, October 24, 2008

Cannon's 1 year pictures

We finally got Cannon's 1 year pictures taken. If my head weren't attached I'd be in trouble. We're so busy I just kept forgetting. Cannon's doing good and learning fast.
He was eating lunch the other day and finally got finished. I said "All done!" and like a little parrot he followed up with " AAAADAAAA" In baby that mean All done. He's such a big boy.

We had a little scare yesterday, Cannon had a febrile seizure during his nap. We took him to the Dr. shortly after and he sent us to the ER here in town. They ran some tests and per Dr's orders we went by ambulance to Children's ER in Little Rock. Cannon was taking an extra long time to come out of it and that's what worried the Dr. When we arrived at Children's Cannon finally started coming around and perking up little by little but by that time he'd already had a long day so he took himself a little nap and finally it was OK to go home. The final diagnosis: Febrile illness/ febrile seizure. The Dr's office will be making an apt for Cannon to have an EEG at Children's soon so keep us in your prayers. I know my God is an awesome God and Cannon is His. I will do my best to lay Cannon at His feet. I know the Lord is in control and everything will be okay. Cannon's acting more like himself today. I'm just gonna keep my chin up. Thank you Lord!