Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go Team Go ?

Shelbi has been asking to go to a basketball game this year. Well finally we were able to take her. So here it is folks, here's Shelbi watching a basketball game.

Here is Shelbi covering her ears when the crowd cheers because she thinks it's tooo loud.

Here's Shelbi be entertained by watching the crowd at the basketball game.

And here is Shelbi looking at the basketball players sitting on the bench at the basketball game. You thought I was gonna say watching the basketball game. ;)

Here is the reason Shelbi wanted to come to the basketball game(I found out later) because she thought she could get some candy from the concession stand. She's a smart girl.

Oh and here is Shelbi holding her ears because the crowd is too loud and watching the basketball players sitting on the bench again. I'm sure she actually did watch some of this basketball game. I'm just not sure when. At least I didn't get it on film. :)