Thursday, September 25, 2008

She's gettin better

As you can see, Shelbi is maxin and relaxin! Shelbi got a get well package from Uncle Evan and Aunt Erin this week and boy did it do the trick.
We have had such a hard time this week getting Shelbi to drink or eat anything (soft). Shelbi can't take her pain meds on an empty stomach so we've been giving her milk to drink and that coats her stomach and she does fine. Well this particular day I couldn't even get her to drink the milk. And low and behold this package arrives in the mail. I took advantage of this situation. We told Shelbi that as soon as she finished her milk she could open this package. Well let me tell you, the next thing we heard was her slurping the straw in the bottom of an empty cup. Thank you Uncle Evan and Aunt Erin, you helped in more ways than one!